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Follow the funky deer


Ross is a deer native of Cansiglio, a plateau in the northern-Italian Prealps, included in the provinces of Belluno,Treviso and Pordenone. Most of its territory is covered by woods, perfect home to herds of deer.

Nearby, just where the woods leave space to cultivated areas, farmers grow their vineyards, where Gleragrapes grow every summer for the joy of naughty deer that eat the juicy fruit in the cool morning.

Ross is a young male, curious, a bit rebel, he likes exploring the surroundings, that’s why, when he heard that an area very close to Cansiglio became a Unesco World Heritage site, he decided to go and see with his eyes this beautiful place.

One day of early October, he packed some essentials and started his solo adventure towards the hills of Conegliano.
Getting closer to the hills, he started to admire the unique and amazing panorama of green vines decorating the land and while he was wandering through the vineyards he smelled something very attracting, so he followed the aroma to understand what it was, until he arrived in front of a big building surrounded by many huge steel tanks.
Step by step, Ross got closer and on the wall he read Serena Wines 1881, he then stopped right next to one of the big tanks, realising that that nice aroma came exactly from them. He found a tap, opened it and tasted the liquid that came out… bubbly, intense, fruity, floral with a straw yellow colour, it was just amazing, and Ross immediately fell in love. He tried something he had never before, and he promised himself he wouldn’t anymore have lived without it. In that moment he took the decision that would change his life forever: he wasn’t going to go back to Cansiglio, but he would have found a place near Serena Wines 1881 where he could live safe and drink that amazing wine whenever he wanted.

He started to search for the best place, he wanted to be near the wine but also near the comforts of a town. After some time of walking, Ross arrived in a town called Costa, and in the middle of a cozy garden, with many trees and a big green mellow there was a bar; he watched through its window and he saw some bottles where there was written “Prosecco Serena Wines 1881”.

He lit up: that was the producer he had found, and that was the town where he was going to live his new sparkling life.




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